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Try every style of Yami® … you’ll be happy you did!

Stir up some Fruit-on-the-Bottom!
Swirl scrumptious fruits into creamy Yami® Lowfat Yogurt. Every spoonful is gluten-free and lactose-free, pleasing every kind of tummy.

Yami® 4oz Multi-Packs are the perfect companion!
These sweet little 4-ouncers are sized to go everywhere with you. Made with satisfying whole milk and cream, they’re perfect for all ages, toddlers to seniors. Send them to school in a lunchbox or take them to the office for breakfast on the fly or an afternoon pick-me-up.



Quarts are efficient!
Choose perfect portion sizes for your entire family with Yami® Vanilla and Whole Milk Quarts in a variety of flavors. Keep them on hand for preparing recipes. And you'll appreciate the fact that less packaging is always efficient and eco-wise.

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