Entrees & Salads

tuna and cracked wheat salad

a healthy alternative—whole grains, fresh vegetables and water-packed tuna.
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tandoori-style chicken

marinate overnight to intensify the pungent, fragrant spices.
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spinach salad with raspberry dressing

a fresh twist on the usual spinach salad.
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fragrant and spicy chicken

exotic and spicy; try it with cucumber-yogurt sauce.
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rice pilaf salad

use your own garden-fresh zucchini and peas.
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ham and corn chowder

whip up this low-fat, low-sodium version of a rich southern favorite.
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creamy pesto over pasta

try this low fat version with salmon or sliced chicken breast.
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chili casserole

an easy fix when the crowd is headed your way for the game.
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chicken waldorf pitas with curried yogurt

waldorf salad, marinated chicken breast, avocado and curried yogurt dressing—yum!
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