Versatile yogurt 
Substitute plain yogurt for these…

  • Sour cream—use plain yogurt instead and save many grams of fat
  • Buttermilk—swap it cup for cup in marinades and baking recipes
  • Mayonnaise & salad dressings—yogurt is lower fat and provides healthy cultures
  • Marinades—the acid in yogurt breaks down the meat

Handling tips

  • Don't use aluminum pans, due to the acid in yogurt
  • Don't beat or whip the yogurt…fold it in gently
  • Don't add cold yogurt directly to hot dishes. Get it to room temperature, add in slowly, and never boil

Try these simple ideas

  • Baked potato topper—fold chives or dill into plain yogurt
  • Scrambled eggs—make them fluffier by adding plain yogurt into beaten eggs
  • Pasta sauce—use plain yogurt rather than milk or cream
  • Cake—when recipe calls for sour cream, substitute plain or vanilla yogurt plus 1/2 tsp. baking soda per cup of yogurt
  • Breads—substituting plain yogurt for buttermilk adds extra moistnessSteak & chicken—marinate and tenderize in large zip bag with plain yogurt
  • Salad dressing—make a low-cal option by adding your favorite seasonings to plain lowfat or nonfat yogurt
  • Fruit salad—fold one 6 oz cup of lemon yogurt into a bowl of freshly cut fruit for a fast, low-fat dressing 

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