The Organic Option & Inulin

Why Organic?
There are so many reasons to eat organic foods. Just a few:

  • Keep toxins out of your body
  • Keep soil and air pesticide-free
  • Limit pollution overall
  • Avoid genetically modified organisms
  • It tastes better

Really? It tastes better?
Taste is subjective, of course. But chefs are increasingly turning to organic foods for their superior taste. And there is evidence that organics are higher in nutrients. Only you can really decide about taste—let us know how your taste test goes.

Inulin, the natural fiber
Yami Organic has organic inulin in it to provide natural, healthy fiber. It is a dietary fiber found in root vegetables, fruits such as bananas, and wheat and rye…to name just a few sources. It's known as a prebiotic and it helps promote good digestive health.

Inulin can help keep you "regular". It doesn't affect glucose levels so it's good for diabetics. And some studies are showing that it may help with calcium absorption. Combined with the positive influences of all the probiotics and live cultures in Yami, it is a probable win/win.

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